ApacheCon New Orleans, day 1

Flew into New Orleans late last night for ApacheCon US 2008. The taxi booth at the airport actually has a flat rate posted: $28 for travel to Downtown or the French Quarter. Our cabbie charged us $30, which is close enough. We went for coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde, which is part of New Orleans, The Ride. Beignets are like donuts, except with more powdered sugar and slightly undercooked which may not be intentional.

ApacheCon Jack-o-Lantern

ApacheCon2008 Pumpkin

Last night we made an ApacheCon US 2008 Jack-o-Lantern! It projects “ApacheCon 2008” on the wall behind it if there is enough light inside: a Mini-Maglite did the trick, with the lens taken off to make for a nice point source and a crisp image.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the slide deck for this week’s presentation at the conference. I think it’s shaping up pretty nicely, although I’m going to have to put a ton of content in the handout. There is simply too much to talk about. However, by putting some of the technical details in the paper handout, I can keep the slides themselves cleaner and improve the flow of the story.

ApacheCon2008 Pumpkin