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Welcome to mod_zeroconf


What is mod_zeroconf

This module allows and Apache 2.0 web server to register its services on a Zero Configuration network. It is an open-source project licensed under the Apache license. The mod_zeroconf module uses an external implementation of the mDNS protocol to register its services.

About Zero Configuration Networking

Zeroconf is a working group of the IETF. The charter of this working group is to have computers network using TCP/IP without prior configuration: no address servers or name servers are needed. Zeroconf consists of the following protocols:

  • Link-local IP addressing, where hosts pick a random address in the 169.254/16 range.
  • Multicast DNS or mDNS, where every host runs its own DNS responder that listens on port 5353 and communicates over multicast UDP/IP address (IPv6 equivalent ff02::fb). All hosts are collectively authorative for the .local. domain.
  • DNS Service Discovery or DNS-SD allows hosts and their user to register and browse services by a human-readable name.

More information on Zeroconf networking can be found on the page of the IETF working group. This page has links to standards draft documents, implementations etc.

The mod_zeroconf module fits primarily in the DNS-SD part of Zeroconf, registering a human-readable web server or service name with the mDNS Responder. It also registers any ServerName directives as hostnames.

Requirements and Platforms

The mod_zeroconf module has been developed and tested on the x86/linux platform. It relies on an external mDNS Responder and currently supports Howl by Porchdog Software.

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