Onion Rings and Peanut Butter Pie

The Apache Community Site shows information on Apache committers, the projects on which they work and their approximate geographical location. When I entered my info, I didn’t want to point to my house for privacy reasons. I initially used my office in downtown San Francisco, but when that job went away and I started working from my home office, I needed a new location. And what would be a better place than the back deck of Sam’s Anchor Cafe?

So, that’s where you go when you call up my location and zoom all the way in. We happened to be there today for lunch and had a great time. Great weather (we took the convertible), great company (the Garrous, who have lived in town for a year now), great food. On a whim, I ordered the onion ring appetizer and they were delicious. How often do onion rings turn out to be soggy, over-fried, a general disappointment? Not these. They were sweet, crispy, with a crust that did not even taste of deep frying fat and a delicious blue cheese dressing for dipping. Yum.

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