Bugzilla 3.0 Has Landed

I am currently playing around with the recently released Bugzila 3.0. Before I upgrade my production instance, I’m doing a clean installation on my desktop box to see what it looks like, and whether or where any upgrade difficulties might be lurking.

Bugzilla uses quite a few Perl modules, and their install guide lists these by their Perl name. However, on my Ubuntu system, I’d like to install these modules through the packages instead of CPAN, so I keep a somewhat clean system. Here is a table that translates between the Debian Package name and the Perl Module name:

Required Modules
Ubuntu Package Perl Module Notes
CGI perl-modules  
Date::Format libtimedate-perl Found the package name through Bugzilla’s checksetup.pl --check-modules, which calls it TimeDate
DBI libdbi-perl  
File::Spec perl-base checksetup.pl speaks of PathTools, which may be a bundle containing this module
Template libtemplate-perl  
Email::Send   No package, installed via CPAN. Note its dependencies Module::Pluggable and Return::Value do have packages as libmodule-pluggable-perl and libreturn-value-perl respectively.
Email::MIME::Modifier libemail-mime-modifier-perl  
Optional Modules
Ubuntu Package Perl Module Notes
GD libgd-perl  
Template::Plugin::GD::Image libtemplate-perl Not in separate package
Chart::Base libchart-perl  
GD::Graph libgd-graph-perl Brings along libgd-text-perl as a dependency
GD::Text libgd-text-perl Sucked in by libgd-graph-perl as a dependency
XML::Twig libxml-twig-perl  
MIME::Parser libmime-perl  
LWP::UserAgent libwww-perl  
PatchReader No Package Installed through CPAN
Image::Magick perlmagick  
Net::LDAP libnet-ldap-perl:  
SOAP::Lite libsoap-lite-perl  
HTML::Parser libhtml-parser-perl:  
HTML::Scrubber libhtml-scrubber-perl  
Email::MIME::Attachment::Stripper No Package Installed via CPAN
Email::Reply No Package Installed from CPAN. Dependency Email::Abstract has a package (libemail-abstract-perl), but dependency Email::MIME::Creator has not and would have to be installed from CPAN. However, this is where we run into trouble: the package does not test cleanly. Perhaps this is because CPAN builds packages in /usr/local, and the rest of Email::MIME was installed in /usr as per usual under Linux packaging systems. Rather than forcing the issue, Email::Reply was not installed.
mod_perl2 libapache2-mod-perl2 This package works with the Apache server installed by the apache2 package
CGI N/A Uprev 3.11 or above required by mod_perl, not available under packaging system which installs 3.10
Apache::DBI libapache-dbi-perl  

A great help for finding already installed modules is dpkg –search . This will tell you which package a given file on your machine belongs to. For instance, it tells me that CGI.pm belongs to perl-modules, which is the default module collection on the system:

sctemme@sarlacc:~$ dpkg --search /usr/share/perl/5.8.7/CGI.pm
perl-modules: /usr/share/perl/5.8.7/CGI.pm

To get the name of a module not yet installed, you can use apt-cache search, and keep in mind that modules are typically named after the Perl module except all lowercase, like TimeDate becomes libtimedate-perl. If the package name proves elusive, grepping through the output of apt-cache search ".*-perl$" should help. When all else fails, go to CPAN.

Another neat tool is apt-file. This doesn’t appear to be part of the standard tools on Ubuntu, but can be installed as a package. First run apt-file update (as root), then you can run apt-file search <pattern>, with as pattern the name of a file you know should be part of a package. It will return the names of any package that has such a file in it.

What do we learn from this?

  1. All but one required module have a corresponding package, and Email::Send installs cleanly
  2. Inbound e-mail can’t be done with the Ubuntu/Debian packages at the moment, since one of the dependencies is broken
  3. mod_perl operation requires a slightly higher level of the CGI interface than is delivered by the packaging system. Since my production system doesn’t use the Ubuntu packaged Apache, I am hardly a mod_perl expert and we are currently doing fine without, I’m not going to worry about mod_perl at this time. Perhaps in the future

So, what does Bugzilla 3.0 look like? Haven’t found out yet, but stay tuned.

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  1. Thanks for the package names. They also work fine on Debian Etch. libemail-send-perl is there too. Email::Reply and Email::MIME::Creator installs fine via CPAN if libemail-simple-creator-perl is installed before.

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