Sonoma: Cafe La Haye

Cafe La Haye does not need another write-up. However, I have to mention them because we couldn’t remember when last we had a meal out where every course, every dish, was so on the mark.

From the Grilled Peach and Prosciutto Salad to the Hand-Torn Papardelle, to the Angus Hanger Steak you could cut with a fork, everything was delicious. The desserts were simply to die for: the Blackberry and Raspberry Fruit Crisp was a simple concept, but so, so well executed. The Chocolate Silk Cake was in delightful harmony with its pecan and walnut crust and the salt accent does amazing things to bring out the flavors. We were hard pressed to not lick our plates.

Finally, it was all very reasonably priced. If you plan to hit downtown Sonoma, Cafe La Haye comes warmly recommended.

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