Ubuntu Packages for Perl Modules

The Apache HTTP Server perl-framework testsuite needs a number of Perl modules in order to run. You can install those through CPAN, but on some distributions these modules have been made available through the distro packaging scheme.

This is a quick-and-dirty list of Perl-related packages that need to be installed on a vanilla Ubuntu system in order to run the perl-framework:

Ubuntu Package Perl Module Remarks
libcrypt-ssleay-perl Crypt::SSLeay
libdevel-corestack-perl Devel::CoreStack
libdevel-symdump-perl Devel::Symdump
libdigest-md5-perl Digest::MD5 Part of the default load
liburi-perl URI Part of the default load
  Net::Cmd Part of perl-modules package
  MIME::Base64 Part of perl package
libhtml-tagset-perl HTML::Tagset Default load
libhtml-parser-perl HTML::Parser Default load
libhtml-parser-perl HTML::HeadParser Default load
libwww-perl LWP Default load
libipc-run3-perl IPC::Run3  
libhttp-dav-perl HTTP::DAV Sucks in the following
perl-doc Perl documentation Some files are used as content by some tests
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