ApacheCon Meetup: Whither HTTPD?

ApacheCon North America 2010You can now suggest Meetup topics for the evenings of ApacheCon. I’m not sure what a Meetup is in this context: perhaps it’s a little like a BOF. Anyway, I went ahead and registered a Meetup with the following topic:

HTTP Server 3.0: Who Needs It? Who Wants It? Who will Write It?
Whither httpd? Does our User Community need a quantum shift that would require a major new version number? Does our Developer have this need and would/could/are they in a position to start major new development on the project? Will 2.x serve us until the end of time?

This topic is partially inspired by the Keynote session Roy Fielding presented in Amsterdam in 2008 on Apache 3.0: two-and-a-half years later seems like a good time to take stock. If you want to talk about this, come to ApacheCon and join the Meetup. Did I mention that rates go up after Friday, October 8?

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