This is Why we Don’t Check Luggage Anymore

I guess if the luggage in question is large items like guitar cases there’s little you can do but check them. Situations like this, though, cause me to wonder what the economic rationale is behind the treatment Dave got. On the one hand, we all want cheap flights. On the other hand, airlines want to make money and they do that by treating their customers as crappy as they can short of making them run away and use another airline. I can see how a policy of active discouragement and frustration of customer claims could be part of maximizing shareholder value. The real question is, is this kind of treatment the most efficient way to discourage frustrated customers from seeking customer service? Or is there still genuine incompetence and miscommunication involved? My guess is that they could be more evil if they were efficient at it. Makes me think of the David Spade Capitol One commercial.

Not that I have ever tried the Capitol One runaround.

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