Web Hacking Incident Database Report

The The Web Hacking Incidents Database 2009: Bi-Annual Report is out. If I recall correctly, the first report Breach did, in 2007, did not mention any bi-annualness. Also, the eventual landing page has as HTML title “<title>The Web Hacking Incidents Database 2008: Annual Report</title>”. Is it possible that they simply didn’t get their act together last year and retroactively declared the report bi-annual?

I went in through the link above, gave up my e-mail, phone number and name of my first born, and downloaded the report. This will probably land me another copy of every marketing e-mail Breach sends out (guess how I learned of this report?), and a phone call from some poor guy in a cube who has to make 75 phone calls a day for a living. Oops, guess I put down a fax number. Sorry dude, hope your headset isn’t too loud.

Anyway, after you go though the lead generation form you land here and can follow a direct link to the PDF. This is fairly standard practice, but from a security company I would expect that they would make some more effort to not inadvertedly expose the goods.

ApacheCon US 2009I will give this report a read, and probably discuss it in my upcoming talk at ApacheCon US 2009. Oh, they just extended the early bird registration deadline… without changing their own website to tell you about it. Register now and experience the mayhem.

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