Snow Leopard

Just installed… so far, so good. I took a full Time Machine backup before I started, and ran a disk check (which showed Green) from the install CD.

After the restart, the system asked me for the System Events application, but that was easily found.

I had to reinstall the Cisco VPN Client, because the Snow Leopard install clobbers /System/Library/StartupItems and erases the client’s StartupItem. Aside from StartupItems being highly obsolete, Cisco has no business putting stuff under /System anyway. Otherwise, I am now up and running using the same version (4.9.01 (0100)) I had running under Leopard.

Entourage (EWS) works; Microsoft Document Connection works: that’s about all I’ve used to far. Next time I do an expense report we’ll see if the Brother combo fax can still scan for me. Fingers crossed on that one.

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